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Persian Cat

Persian cats are the best known of long-haired cat breeds. The Persian is known as a placid cat, with a quiet, pleasant voice. Persian cats are happy to live indoors and prefer a quiet, secure environment. Persian cats must be given a thorough brushing every day and bathed regularly to maintain their coats.

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The Persian cat gets its name from the longhaired cats brought to Europe from the Iranian plateau (formerly Persia) by traders in the 17th century. However, other longhaired cats called Angoras were brought from Turkey, and it is likely that there was some interbreeding with these and domestic longhairs. How much similarity there is between the Persian cats as we know it today and those first cats brought to Europe by travellers, is unknown. It is well known that Persians were the favorite pampered feline pet of European royalty. They are now consistently the most popular breed of cat in the USA.

Persian cat


Even non-cat lovers can usually recognize the long-haired Persian, probably the best known of cat breeds. Most people think of white cats with thick, luxurious long hair when they hear the word 'Persian' but the coat comes in many colors including blue, silver, smoke, black, red, tortoiseshell and tabby. Color-pointed Persians resulting from a Siamese cross in the ancestry are known as Himalayans in the USA and form a separate breed. Cats with a tipped coat are Chinchillas. The bushy tail may be almost as wide as the body. The Persian cat is heavily built with solid bones, a broad back and short legs. The long hair gives the effect of an even larger body, but most cats are surprisingly agile, provided they are not allowed to become overweight. The head is wide with the ears set far apart. Eyes are large and round, and come in many colors depending on the coat color. The muzzle is foreshortened, giving the face a pansy-like or pug-like appearance. Cats with almost non-existent muzzles are prized by some people but inbreeding has led to health problems, especially in the respiratory system. Many breeders are now moving toward producing less extreme examples. Cats with a more pronounced muzzle are known as Doll-faced Persians or Traditional Persians.


The Persian is known as a placid cat, with a quiet, pleasant voice. Owners consider them to be very communicative. They make great lap cats and are happy to live indoors. They prefer a quiet, secure environment and it may take them some time to feel settled and safe in a new home. Once established they are very affectionate and make marvelous companions. Persian cats must be given a thorough brushing every day and bathed regularly to maintain their coats. This is not just for appearance but to prevent hairballs and other problems. It gives owners a chance to spend quality time with their pets. Eyes must be checked regularly and may need cleaning. It can be a large commitment to own a Persian cat but they are also very easy to fall in love with!



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Caring For Persian Cats - Persian cats have very attractive features and long hair, so that Persian cats should always be kept inside of the house, to protect their coat. Their coat can be easily damage when they travel outside. If you care for your Persian properly, Persian cats can live as long as 20 years.



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